SHOWROOM - Coming Soon........................

We have been working hard behind the scenes preparing for our grand opening in May (date TBA).  Our showroom is starting to take shape and we can't express how excited we are to open this to the public.  You will notice that our website address bar now has the "showroom" tab. Professional pictures of the finished space will be taken and added once complete.

We guarantee that you will be blown away with the options, quality and service you will receive.  Stay tuned for more updates while things come together!

Really Cool Stairs #14 - Helical Stairs

Helical stairs have to be one of our favorites.  They are the definition of ultra-modern and look amazing.  Although very expensive, these stairs will be the focal point of any home. 

What is the difference between a circular vs helical stair?

"As the word “helix” implies, helical staircases are designed in a helical shape. Helical staircases differ from spiral staircases as they do not have a newel, and handrails are present on both sides. They are also not limited to a circular staircase, and may be built in an elliptical or oval shape. Without a newel for support, better materials and/or construction is required for helical stairs compared to spiral stairs.

Because of its shape, it is possible to build two helical staircases while occupying the same vertical space, allowing two persons access to a staircase at the same time. Fire escapes are a good example displaying the use of a double helix stair."  * The Staircase Experts, UK

Check out these amazing pictures below!