Instagram - 50k Followers - THANK YOU!

50 000 FOLLOWERS! We are absolutely humbled that this business we started 3.5 years ago has gained this much attention. We love what we do and have the greatest crew a business could ask for. I would also like to thank all the amazing builders, designers, contractors and architects we get to work with on a daily basis, your business is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!


Reclaimed Materials Division - Stairhaus Inc.

Stairs & railings are our forte however our reclaimed materials division has grown to be one of the largest retail locations in Ontario. We stock barn board, threshing floor, barn beams, repurposed steel roofing and more. If we don’t stock it we will find it. Check out this quick video our pals @flypressfilms did for us showcasing what our reclaimed division is all about.

BARN BOARD is the new Elmo!

That's right! We are moving 1000sqft a week right now. Price goes up in the winter when stock runs low, cash in while real barn board still exists. We are Simcoe County's ONLY retail reclaimed material seller. Our board is de-nailed and kiln dried - not like the air dried kijiji junk which is wet and will shrink excessively when it is installed on your wall. You get what you pay for! Have a great night!

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