Stairhaus Bought a HAUS!

We are beyond stoked to let you all in on a little secret we have been keeping for quite some time. We basically ran out of space in our 2nd year of business and have been coping with it since. We have been on the hunt for a facility that would compliment what we do and found one that is absolutely perfect. Our shop and office space will be 3x larger than what we currently have. This will be huge for us on all fronts

Stay tuned for more details………………………………… is a teaser.


Galleries UPDATED!

This is mega overdue! Today I uploaded 40+ pictures of some really radical jobs we have been a part of over the summer. Let us know what you think! Here is a small taste of what we just updated in our galleries.

Happy Canada Day!

As we head into one of the most anticipated long weekends of the year, we wanted to wish you all a safe and fun filled Canada Day!

Relax and enjoy the beauty weather our country has to offer, we are very lucky!

We will be closed on Monday, July 2nd, reopening on Tuesday (regular hours)


Stairhaus Promotional Video

We are proud to release the final 2min version of a promotional video we started filming in the fall of 2017.  Our friends at Flypress Films nailed it, we are extremely happy with the finished result!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Stairhaus Promo Video Sneak Peak

We are super stoked to let you all have a sneak peak at a promotional documentary we had completed for us. Our friends at @flypressfilms knocked this out of the park. Rich and his crew are true professionals, it was a ton of fun seeing this come together. Can’t wait to show you the full video. Let us know what you think!


Helical circular stair stringer glue-up!

The beginning of the largest circular we have built to date. This helical inspired monster will have built in wall guards and negative rise infinity treads which will be backlit with LED's. The jig wall stands over 20' tall, so we had to build a temporary lamination station to get these glued up.

It took 11 of us to get this up and positioned in the right spot. More pics to come as this awesome stair comes to life.

Galleries Updated!

It has been a few weeks since I last updated our galleries.  Some really cool projects were added, take a gander!


Curved Railing - How We Do It!

Here is a time lapse video of a level curve railing glue-up.  We ripped the white oak into thin strips then glued all the strips together.  After the strips are coated in glue it is lifted up onto the blocks.  The blocks are screwed to the template/radius of the curve we require.  Once the rail is clamped we will leave it for 24hrs to dry.

Gallery Updated!

I just updated our galleries again!  Take a peak at some jobs we recently wrapped up.

Stay tuned for some professional pictures we have being taken of a few projects we wanted to highlight.