How it's done!

This is how you make all the stair parts disappear! Planning is critical with a stringerless/infinity open rise stair like this. This is 1 of 3 sets in this amazing Lake Joseph cottage. The custom fabricated steel tread brackets are mounted to the LVL backed walls. These walls will then get boarded with 1/2" ply followed by 5/8" mdf which will be painted. We will be installing 3" white oak box treads for a seamless/stringerless infinity look.

Job location: Lake Joseph, ON.

Walnut Table Top - Polyester Sealant

How satisfying is this?

Here is a quick video of my bro Mike from North Shore Finishes applying the 2nd coat after giving the 1st coat a sand. We went with a spay-on polyester/matte sealant so we could have a low sheen finish. The finished result absolutely rules