Nice to Meet You!

Nice to meet you! I am constantly asked who owns this place. Matt - (me) on the left and Dylan on the right - owners of Stairhaus. We love what we do and can't believe how many other people like our work, We are very humbled.

📸: Andrew Fearman

Matt - Right, Dylan - Left

Matt - Right, Dylan - Left

Helical circular stair stringer glue-up!

The beginning of the largest circular we have built to date. This helical inspired monster will have built in wall guards and negative rise infinity treads which will be backlit with LED's. The jig wall stands over 20' tall, so we had to build a temporary lamination station to get these glued up.

It took 11 of us to get this up and positioned in the right spot. More pics to come as this awesome stair comes to life.

How it's done!

This is how you make all the stair parts disappear! Planning is critical with a stringerless/infinity open rise stair like this. This is 1 of 3 sets in this amazing Lake Joseph cottage. The custom fabricated steel tread brackets are mounted to the LVL backed walls. These walls will then get boarded with 1/2" ply followed by 5/8" mdf which will be painted. We will be installing 3" white oak box treads for a seamless/stringerless infinity look.

Job location: Lake Joseph, ON.

Galleries Updated!

It has been a month or two since I last updated our galleries.  Take a look, added some really amazing projects we were a part of.  May 1st - time sure is flying, enjoy your week everyone!