Stairs, Railings and the Building Code

With respect to the Ontario Building code, which is a branch of the Canadian Building Code, there are some VERY important guidelines we must follow so that your stair and railing systems pass inspection.  When building a new house, sometimes your architect misses a few things which can complicate your stair and railing layout.  If you are in the middle of a full scale renovation, it is important to know what the current code requires. 

There are minimums and maximums with respect to the rise and run,  height of railings, material thicknesses and railing spans.  Handrails and guards are what keep you from falling off of a balcony or down a set of stairs.   Inspectors sometimes mix up exterior vs interior code, so it is important you have someone who knows their code and makes sure things are done properly.

Here at Stairhaus, we deal daily with inspectors and know what is legal.  Whether it be headroom clearance, railing height or rise/run, it is our job to make sure your stair & railing system will pass code.  If there are issues that will make your system fail, we will let you know how to rectify the problem. 

Stair and railing codes are in place for your own safety.  Think of it this way:  It is important a firefighter can make it up and down your stairs in case of an emergency.  They wear a lot of gear and need to be able to get up and down the stairs with ease.

Let Stairhaus make sure your stairs are built properly and that they exceed what our building code demands.