Really Cool Stairs #4 - Cable Railing Edition

GUESS WHAT!  Within the next 2 years, the clause in the Ontario building code that makes horizontal railing systems like the cable railing illegal, will be erased from the code book.  This means that not only horizontal cable systems are ok, you can now install all the fancy scrolls, laser cut steel panels and contemporary wood patterns!  This is HUGE for our industry as the term "climbable" ruined many homeowners plans when planning out their stair & railing systems in their new homes/renos. 

* The Canadian Building Code will be adopting this first, followed by our provincial code book.  It is important during this transitional period that you still get clearance from your local inspector prior to installing a railing system that would have been deemed climbable before.

Make sure to check out what our spindle/steel supplier Bezdan offers with respect to steel cable.  This is an expensive railing option, however in my opinion, the cleanest and most contemporary.  Bezdan's cable railing hardware is of the highest quality and will make your house stand out from the others!

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