Barn Beam Mantel SALE!

We chopped up a few of our beams this morning in hopes of blowing out this inventory!  I have included a size list below, take a look and let us know if one of these is for your house!  We typically sell out of these really quickly as they are half the price of what most suppliers retail them for.  Most of the mantel beams will range from $200 - $300.


Mantel dimensions:

1) 10"x10"x59"

2) 9"x9"x57"

3) 8"x6"x92"

4) 6"x6"x60"

5) 6"x7"x56"

6) 7"x7"x40"

7) 7"x6"x54"

8) 10"x10"x48"

9) 10"x10"x72"

10) 10"x11"x72"